Y: The Last Man TV series gets Showrunner

Brian K. Vaughn’s dystopian sci-fi comic book series Y: The Last Man has been hung up in development limbo for years. Many adaptations of the Vertigo series were commissioned and stars, including Shia LaBeouf were attached, but the project seemed to never move past the planning stages until last year. In 2015, FX began to adapt the comic book property into a TV series, written and produced by Vaughn himself along with Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson, whose previous work was the Emmy winning The People vs O.J. Simpson.


The comic book series is about an Earth where, after one mysterious event, simultaneously kills every living thing on the planet with a Y chromosome. The death of all living male mammals including sperm and embryos throws the world into chaos. As the surviving women rebuild society, there is a prevailing fear that the end of humanity is at hand. A young amateur escape artist named Yorick Brown and his pet monkey are the only surviving males. Yorick’s mother, a U.S. Congresswoman, activates a clandestine group charged with protecting Yorick as he is taken to a scientist tasked with finding out why he survived and how to repopulate the species. Complicating matters are desperate groups from all over the world searching for Yorick with their own agendas.


The Hollywood Reporter states Michael Green, currently Co-showrunner for the STARZ adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods will be showrunner for the new FX series.


Green’s previous work includes writing and producing for Smallville, Heroes and writing the screenplay for the upcoming movie Logan. No airdate has been given so far with the show in pre-production, but keeping checking here for related news.

Are you a fan of Y: The Last Man? If so, what do you think about the adaptation moving forward? Let us know what you think.

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