X-Men Red #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Stefano Caselli

Colors by Federico Blee

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Brand assembles a new team to protect Mars, but their first mission puts them in conflict with its true protectors.

The problem with Gabriel Summers continues to intensify to the point where he is no longer allowed to stay at Summer House on the moon. Refusing to go to Krakoa, Gabriel’s only choice is to relocate to Mars where he continues to stir up trouble until he is recruited by Brand to join her handpicked X-Men team. Unfortunately, their first mission will prove to be a difficult one.

When the Progenitors attack a village of mutants, Brand sends her team in to fight them. Unfortunately, some of them fall in the attack and the village is saved by Storm and her new Brotherhood of Mutants who have a message they want to send to Brand and Gabriel about who really protects the mutants of Mars.

The Story: Ewing continues to create an interesting story in this issue with even more interesting conflict and mystery. The characters have some great internal and external drama with themselves and each other and I like seeing those things explored between them. I think the Brand/Storm conflict is going to be really intriguing to see play out and I look forward to it.

The Art: Caselli deliver some beautifully detailed and powerful art throughout the issue. The action scenes are visually thrilling throughout and I love seeing Storm showcase her power.

X-Men Red #2



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