Count Crowley Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by David Dastmalchian

Art by Lukas Ketner

Colors by Lauren Affe

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

The Rundown: Jerri takes on a werewolf, but that isn’t the only supernatural she’ll face.

Jerri’s attempts to help a reluctant werewolf run into a roadblock in the form of his murderous werewolf girlfriend. After an intense battle, Jerri gets lucky enough to put the creature down and proceeds to call her contact to find out what to do next. After dealing with his sexism, he finally tells her that she needs to go to Rich’s house and retrieve some important books that will help her.

After cleaning up and fighting her building urge to take a drink, Jerri gets some unexpected help in her search of Rich’s home. Help that will allow her to find what she’s looking for, but not before there is a knock at the door. Jerri finds herself having to deal with a charming, but mysterious stranger who is looking for something himself. At the same time, Jerri might discover too late that the man she just helped might not be as reluctant to give into the darkness as she hoped.

The Story: Dastmalchian ramps up the action and tension on every page of this issue. Jerri is coming into her own as a monster hunter and the story shows that she still has a long way to go with the great scene with the werewolf. It was action packed, funny and tense throughout. The story does a great job of dealing with Jerri’s personal vices as well and I loved seeing her confront her own inner darkness. The end of the issue is filled with great tension and I cannot wait to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Ketner delivers some beautifully detailed art in the issue. The werewolf fight was beautifully brutal and visually fun. Every page is filled with wonderful details that delight the eye.

Count Crowley Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter #2



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