STL063047.jpgX-Men Gold #16

Marvel Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Lan Medina

Inks by Jay Leisten & Craig Yeung

Colors by Frank Martin & Andrew Crossley

The Negative Zone War Part 1

After confronting Anti-Mutant activist Lydia Nance about the reformed Brotherhood she sent after them, Nance and Kitty Pryde end up on the same talk show together. When the segment is over, Kitty has some choice words for Nance before hitting the streets and relaying the experience to Colossus. The two share a rare personal moment before she heads back to her hotel.



The next day, in the middle of Central Park, a pro-mutant rally is being held asking for unity. In attendance are Old Man Logan, Storm, Nightcrawler and Rachel Grey. As the mutants start to feel good about the outpouring of positive attention, a breach opens overhead with an alien ship emerging. Logan and Storm disperse the crowd as Nightcrawler goes to retrieve Kitty and Peter. The team gets ready to take on the ship as a squadron of Alpha Flight ships attack.

Kitty and Kurt make their way inside the ship as it finds who it was looking for and begins to descend. The fight ends with the ship escaping, members of the team gravely injured, some missing and Logan vowing to get them back.

This issue was a good representation of all the tropes necessary to begin a new comic book story arc. There was interpersonal relationship conflict that will play out over time. There are hints at more from Nance and her plans to come. The team takes on a seemingly unbeatable foe and the battle becomes a rescue mission in unknown territory. Guggenheim has done a good job of planting those seeds in a narrative that keeps good pacing as well as being fun to read. Medina’s art makes the panels lively and fun as well and everything is really vibrant and colorful.


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