Captain Marvel #126

Marvel Comics

Written by Margaret Stohl

Art by Michele Bandini

Colors by Erick Arciniega

Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna

Dark Origins Part 2

Dr. Eve and Mim are searching the caverns of an unknown planet as Carol Danvers continue to float through space unconscious. Unable to contact the rest of Alpha Flight, Carol tries to find her bearings and as she heads back to Earth she runs right into her old space station. Unable to believe that the station has been rebuilt that fast, she demands entry and the security system recognizes her as Corporal before allowing her to enter.


Once on board, Carol can see the changes to the station and marvels at it before she realizes that there is no one on board. Carol is met by her crew and she immediately realizes that there are some huge changes, but she can’t quite figure out what. When the station is attacked, she sees the behavioral changes in her team when they go to battle.


All of these changes lead Carol into a fight with one of the rival pilots who manges to get her down long enough to reveal the face of an old friend. After being confronted with the fact that everyone she knows is different, Carol is desperate to find out where she is and how she gets back. A sentiment shared by Dr. Eve, who has made her way to a chamber beneath the surface of the planet and managed to unearth an object that is attracting a galaxy full of thieves and smugglers and one in particular that also cuts a familiar frame.

I haven’t read Carol’s adventures in a while and I enjoyed the tone of this story a lot. There are some interesting mysteries starting to take shape and Stohl continues to bring some fun humor into the narrative. The art is amazing and I really enjoy the details in both the characters and the action.

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