X-Men #20

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Francesco Mobili

Colors by Sunny Gho

Letters by Tim Muller

The Rundown: Raven must strike at the heart of the anti-mutant organization to secure the thing she truly wants.

Mystique is ready to put her plan in motion and to do that she will need Forge’s help. Help that will give her a lesson into the man’s mind as well as his purpose. After relating to him her status on the council, she lets the weapons maker know what she needs and what she needs is the most powerful weapon he can develop. Something she will need to take on Orchis. After securing what she needs, Raven is given the task of stopping the most destructive human device developed against mutants; Nimrod.

At the Orchis Forge, the preparations are underway to bring Nimrod online. A task that when completed will force Raven to take action. With the thought of reuniting with her wife present in her mind, Mystique acts, but what she unleashes could be more destructive than anything the humans planned and in its wake, something dark will begin both on and off the island.

The Story: Hickman ups the stakes for not only the characters but for all mutants with this dark tale. Raven’s circumstances are brilliantly laid out and the story makes you feel for the character. Xavier and Magneto have become darker characters as well and holding the fate of Destiny over Mystique’s head seems out of character for Charles, but it does showcase a shift in this new standard for mutants. The Nimrod moments were compelling and the story makes me excited for what comes next.

The Art: Mobili delivers some impressive art throughout and does a masterful job of setting a scene. I especially loved how much of the perspective for scenes centered Mystique as the focus.

X-Men #20



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