Alien #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colors by Guru-eFX

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Cruz and his team fight to stay alive in a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control.

Cruz is a man down and facing a xenomorph ready to kill them all. After driving off the creature, Cruz takes a moment to regroup, but the release of the experiment he was sent to retrieve makes the situation a lot more dangerous. As they begin the hunt for the creature, Cruz mentally goes back to the first time he encountered the xenomorphs and why he has first hand knowledge of their danger.

Twenty years prior, he and a squad are dispatched to find survivors of an attack. After discovering some surviving livestock, the team moves on. Back in the present, Cruz and team come upon a survivor. Someone Cruz knew from his past. As he questions the man about his son, he learns the man’s granddaughter is missing. He also decides to confront the traitor in their midst. With things getting more intense, Cruz will discover that he has another ally on the station.

The Story: Johnson continues craft a great, suspenseful story in this issue. There is a lot of action, but the intensity of the plot and its characters makes the story more engaging as a reader. Cruz’s journey is compelling and I really enjoyed all the twists and turns that the plot takes, especially the twist at the end with the surprise reveal. The story is fun and filled with great dialogue that helps the awesome pacing.

The Art: Larroca delivers some stunning visuals throughout and it has a great emphasis on the characters themselves.

Alien #3



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