794811._SX1280_QL80_TTD_X-Men #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Leinil Francis Yu

Inks by Gerry Alanguilan

Colors by Sunny Gho

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The defense of a new mutant nation continues and Cyclops takes a rare moment for family as a new threat grows.


Even with the destruction of the Mother Mold, the plans of the humans continue and the constant threat of the humans will require a constant, vigilant response from the X-Men. Their first target is the last Orchis stronghold and their fight will help to both liberate the mutant children they have captured, but will also free a new possible threat that is different than both humans and mutants.

As the humans do their best to preserve their research and continue the work they started, the survivors of the Mother Mold attack meet the man in the shadows and the grieving director prepares the next phase of her work.

Corsair joins his family for a meal at the Summer House and he talks to his son about the changes he sees in him and the dangers ahead for him and the mutant nation.

The Story: Hickman hits the ground running in the aftermath of Powers and House of X. This X-Men team is dedicated to mutant liberation and acts for the benefit of their people. It can be jarring at times to see witness the change in attitude from characters like Storm and Cyclops, but it is a welcome story element that adds so much to this new direction Hickman is taking these characters.

I love the way this issue unfolded both in plot and pace. There are great moments throughout and the fact that the victories in battle still don’t end the war is a powerful, dramatic undertone for this new series. All of the moments with the Summer’s clan are well done and engaging and the family dynamic is fun to experience.

The Art: Leinil Francis Yu brings some beautiful visuals to this issue and the action and panel progression are exciting.


X-Men #1




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