Contagion #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Mack Chater and Stephen Segovia

Colors by Veronica Gandini and Andrew Crossley

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: More heroes gather to fight the plague infecting the city, but are they saviors or new carriers?


The plague is spreading across the city and Thing, Iron Fist and Sparrow are fighting patient zero. The plague continues to distract with the voices of their friends, but Ben is able to land a punch that seemingly ends the threat for good. In the aftermath, Ben calls in the Avengers for help and Tony Stark makes his way to the scene to get samples to analyze.

At the same time, Jessica Jones goes out into the city to find her husband and see if she can help while Iron Fist takes Jessica and Luke’s daughter with him to a meeting of sorcerers to find another way to prevent the contagion from spreading.

The Story: Ed Brisson expands the story in some interesting directions that allow for more characters to be introduced without overwhelming the story with cameos. The moments between characters are where the best moments of the story lie. The dynamic between Danny and Jessica is fun to see and it is even funnier to see it continue throughout the story when Danny talks to other people with Jessica’s daughter in tow.

The Art: The art really makes this issue work. All of the moments that drive the story forward and give clues to the direction the story is going are showcased in Chater and Segovia’s beautiful art.

Contagion #3




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