X-Force #25

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Robert Gill

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Logan meets someone new while looking to be alone while Quentin and Phoebe’s relationship takes a different path.

Logan pays a visit to Forge to see if the item he requested is finally ready. Forge reveals what Wolverine has been waiting for and he is excited to put it to use when he hits the Krakoan beach. At the same time, Quentin goes to visit Phoebe and discovers that his girlfriend is distracted by things involving her sisters. After a walk, they head somewhere that will hopefully take Phoebe’s mind off of what’s bothering her. He also reveals a new task he performs to prevent the newly born mutants on the island from becoming like him.

Wolverine finds his alone time interrupted when he’s pulled from his activities by a new face on the island, a woman named Pike. After Quentin gets some bad news from Phoebe, the island goes on alert when the mutants realize that someone has kidnapped some of the babies from the nursery.

The Story: Percy crafts a good story in this issue and gives the reader a moment to delve back into the personal lives of the characters and those conflicts that haven’t been resolved. Quentin and Pheobe’s story is well done and I like the drama inherent in her predicament. Logan’s story is interesting, but there are some thematic issues I have with it especially how quickly he’s willing to trust in a group of people he’s never met before.

The Art: Gill delivers some great art. With the story being more character focused instead of action based, the art delivers great character details and expressions.

X-Force #25



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