Wonder Woman #791

DC Comics

Written by Michael Conrad, Becky Cloonan, and Jordie Bellaire

Art by Marguerite Sauvage and Paulina Ganucheau

Colors by Kendall Goode

Letters by Pat Brosseau and Becca Carey

The Rundown: Wonder Woman journeys to Brazil to investigate a disturbing premonition. Young Diana encounters a mystical creature.

Diana visits the shrine of Hippolyta and discovers something surprising. Then, an enlightening discussion reveals contention amongst the Gods. Later, she learns of the oracle Anahi’s troubling visions. Afterwards, she travels to Brazil with the Esquecida and makes a discovery. She then disguises herself and investigates an armed operation running out of the rainforest. While reporting her findings to a Checkmate operative she encounters something surprising.

After an incident, Hippolyta and Antiope discuss a matter involving Zeus. Elsewhere, Diana chases after a mystical being and quickly finds herself in danger. Later, Diana reunites with her family members only to find herself in another precarious situation. Finally, a new friend’s demise results in something unexpected.

The Story: Conrad and Cloonan craft an exciting and engaging narrative in the first chapter of this series’ new story arc. I like that the Esquecida Amazons are included in this story as it shows the benefits of inclusion and sisterhood among disparate women. And I appreciate how Checkmate is added into the mix through contact with Etta, thus in keeping the woman centered episode theme. This episode feels fresh and different from the recent storylines. And I think it is full of potential. It will be interesting to see how two of Diana’s biggest mortal rivals will find their interests wrapped up with those of the Gods.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the environmental and social messaging that can be inferred from the overarching plot. The destruction of the rainforest and exploitation of the local work force is explored, as well as the subject of animal cruelty. I am really happy to see these issues receive the attention they deserve as they are also a focus in today’s world.

Young Diana
It’s interesting to see little glimpses of the tribal struggle between the Amazons prior to Nubia’s ascent to the throne. Hippolyta’s reaction to Antiope’s plans definitely shows the liberality of Antiope, which is presumably based on past experiences. While we see her sister following a more traditional line of thought. I appreciate Bellaire’s ability to add in these important moments without overwhelming the reader with pointed commentary.

The Art: Two different stylings are featured in this issue, each perfectly suited for the story they are visually representing. Although both are based on realistic comic illustration, the A story uses traditional artwork and pastels while the B Story features a modern design with bold brilliant coloring. Overall, I enjoyed the artwork and found that it enhanced the stories in a positive manner.

Wonder Woman #791



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