Batman Urban Legends #19

DC Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas, Zac Thompson, Joey Esposito, Chris Burnham and Brandon Easton

Art by Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque, Hayden Sherman, Mikel Janin, Chris Burnham and Will Robson

Colors by John Kalisz, Dave Stewart, Jordie Bellaire, Nathan Fairbairn and Matt Herms

Letters by Steve Wands, Clem Robins, Clayton Cowles, Rus Wooton and Travis Lanham

The Rundown: five new stories explore the heroes and villains of Gotham City.

Signal and the Outsiders Part 2

Duke decides to lean on his friends for help and separately they find a piece of the puzzle that he’s missed. The team decides to go on a covert mission to infiltrate the facility that Duke’s mother and others are being held. After discovering who’s in charge and what he’s doing, Duke, Batman and the rest of the outsiders leap into action.

The satisfying conclusion to this particular short story. Story does a great job of expanding on the character of Duke Thomas and his relationship with the rest of the outsiders.

Tiny Hands in the Dark

A series of murders in Gotham disturbs the Dark Knight as witnesses say that a young boy is at the center of the crimes. When Batman discovers a link between all of the victims, the investigation brings him to a familiar location and into the presence of an even more familiar face.

A darkly disturbing and interesting story with a great twist ending.

Call It

With Robin’s life in danger, Batman contemplates what Two-Face and, more importantly, Harvey Dent, must be feeling as the coin that he uses to decide fate flips through the air.

A nice short that gives great insight into the character of Harvey Dent and his relationship to Batman. I loved seeing what Harvey might see in those moments and Janin’s art beautifully captures that fantasy.

On the Hook

Alfred’s night gets more complicated as he finds himself trying to save a man who tried to kill him before heading to an art gallery and becoming part of a deeper mystery that goes back centuries.

An entertaining short that has some great moments for Alfred and I love how the story shifts focus, but never loses the plot and its character.

Leather Bound

Batman is called in to investigate the mutilation of reptiles and Killer Croc is the main suspect as far as the police are concerned. When Batman goes to see Croc, he tries to reason with the criminal to give him time to find the real killer. A task that will bring him into a dark underworld and face to face with an unusual killer.

A good story with some interesting twists and exciting art.

Batman Urban Legends #19



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