Wonder Woman #775

DC Comics

Written by Michael W Conrad, Becky Cloonan and Jordie Bellaire

Art by Andy MacDonald and Paulina Ganucheau

Color by Nick Filardi and Kendall Goode

Letters by Pat Brosseau and Becca Carey

The Rundown: Diana must enter the graveyard of the gods to find answers.

Diana and Deadman travel to the graveyard of the gods to find a way to return the Olympians and get answers about the other half of Janus that is causing destruction across the different pantheons. After battling the keeper of the graveyard, Diana will return to Olympus for answers before continuing her journey to another world.

The second story finds young Diana confronted by Clio who is under the control of the hidden pages of Themyscira’s history. With the amazons gathered to fight, including Hippolyta, the possessed Clio proves to be dangerous until Diana takes action. Actions that will put the young princess in the task of protecting secrets.

The Story: The first story from the issue is good. It follows along with the themes of this arc and there are some interesting character moments. There wasn’t much that stood out from the story and there was more I kept expecting from the dialogue, but the story works as a means of moving the arc along. The second story is good. It doesn’t resolve the bigger mystery and actually adds more intrigue to young Diana’s adventure.

The Art: MacDonald delivers some great art throughout the issue. There are great character moments to offset the lack of action. Ganucheau has a great visual style that is featured well in this issue.

Wonder Woman #775



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