The Flash 2021 Annual #1

DC Comics

Written by Jeremy Adams

Art by Fernando Pasarin and Brandon Peterson

Colors by Hi-Fi and Michael Atiyeh

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Wally must face his darkest moment and one of his greatest villains.

Wally emerges from the speed force back into his own body. Unfortunately, it is in the moment where his grief and panic caused the deaths of others at Sanctuary. With the event locked in a speed force bubble, Wally tries to work with the others to find a way of preventing those deaths. Unfortunately, there is nothing that he can do and the only other person not affected is Roy.

After telling his friend what happened, the two find themselves face to face with the cause of the damage to the speed force, Savitar. As Wally and the others work on a plan to stop Savitar from draining the speed force itself, Barry will call in the League to stand together against the villain as they pull them both back into the present.

The Story: Adams brings Wally back to the defining moment of his recent life and while the moments between Wally and Roy are well done, the inability of the characters to find a solution to fix a glaring issue in the character’s history was too unbelievable to me. It seemed like Adams was trying to retcon the moment to make Wally less responsible and that wasn’t explored in a way that made it interesting or consequential. The story is fine for the most part, but the Savitar mystery was underwhelming. I would have found it more compelling if the story focused more on the Wally/Roy dynamic.

The Art: Pasarin and Peterson do great work with the art in the issue. There is a lot of action and the art captures the energy of both the speed force and the characters using it.

The Flash 2021 Annual #1



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