Wonder Woman #766

DC Comics

Written by Mariko Tamaki

Art by Steve Pugh

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: A blind Diana must rely on Max Lord to help her bring down Count Vertigo.

In the aftermath of Count Vertigo’s use of his new powers enhanced with Lord’s tech, Diana has crashed and finds herself blind. Relying on Max Lord to lead her through the ruined landscape of Vlatava, the party finds themselves in a firefight against Vertigo’s forces. Diana must use skills she learned on Themyscira to learn to fight through her blindness using her lasso to illumiate the truth.

At the same time, Max sneaks into Vertigo’s castle and discovers something he’s been searching for. Something that will allow him to become a bigger threat and embrace the nature Diana always knew he was itching to return to.

The Story: Although the story feels a little short, Mariko Tamaki does an excellent job of bringing all of its elements together into something compelling and entertaining. Every issue I was waiting for Max to turn and the plot of this one makes it engaging when he does while setting up an intriguing continuation of the story.

The Art: Steve Pugh delivers some excellent art in this issue. Not only do the characters look great and there are some awesome details in the backgrounds and panels, but the effects of Diana’s blindness are stunning in their look. A great looking issue.

Wonder Woman #766



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