The Flash #765

DC Comics

Written by Kevin Shinick

Art by Sami Basri and Will Conrad

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Cut off the from the Speed Force, Barry will have to find another way to track Dr. Alchemy.

Barry has been severed from the Speed Force and must rely on his forensic skills to find any clue to what Alchemy plans to do next. As he prepares to leave Iron Heights, an offhand comment gives him the clue he needs to discover a means of getting his speed back. After confronting Alchemy again, he discovers that the villain knows more about the Flash than Barry realizes.

After racing to protect Iris, he is confronted by Alchemy again and this time the villain is not only ready for the speedster, but clues him in on a conspiracy that has been going on under the Flash’s nose. One that requires Barry Allen, not the Flash, to be a part of.

The Story: Kevin Shinick crafts a good story in this issue. There are some interesting elements as well as some great character interactions. The dynamic between Barry and Iris is entertaining and there are some engaging plot points and twists that I wasn’t expecting. A good issue that only suffers a little from its pacing.

The Art: Sami Basri and Will Conrad do great work with the art. Both styles work really well together and the artists’ styles make the story more engaging to the reader.

The Flash #765



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