WW_Cv756Wonder Woman #756

DC Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Jesus Merino

Inks by Vicente Cifuentes

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Warmaster gives Diana a choice between saving the world and protecting her home as Donna fights back against the Horsewomen.


Injured and at gunpoint, Diana is given the choice to either allow Warmaster and her Horsewomen passage to Themyscira or watch them kill everyone in sight. Wounded, but determined, Diana offers a third option and immediately goes to work fighting back. At the same time, Diana tries to reach the angry woman by appealing to her from a place of compassion. Unfortunately, Paula is not in the mood and proceeds to bring in backup to take down the woman who saved her as a child.

At the same time, Donna Troy has brought two of the Horsewomen into the Lasso of Persuasion and fights not only for her life, but to protect the people around them. As both Amazon warriors fight to protect passage to the island, the Amazons themselves sense the coming attack and prepare for war.

The Story: Steve Orlando paces this issue really well. The story is tight and the characters and dialogue are consistent and engaging. Diana’s constant appeals to the woman can feel flat at times, especially considering the circumstances, but the move is consistent with who Wonder Woman is as a character and speaks to her sense of responsibility to everyone. I liked Donna’s presence in this story a lot and I can’t wait to see the two of them fighting together.

The Art: Jesus Merino brings power and beauty to the art in this issue. There are great shots throughout that showcase Diana’s strength as well as Donna’s resolve. The action is fantastic and the finale teases some intense action to come.

Wonder Woman #756




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