Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (50)Wonder Woman #63

DC Comics

Written by G. Willow Wilson

Art by Emanuela Lupacchino

Inks by Ray McCarthy

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Cadmus, Damon and Eirene are trying to adjust to life on Earth, but that’s going to prove to be difficult considering they’re a pegasus, a fawn and a minotaur. Even with Wonder Woman vouching for the creatures, they find navigating Customs and Border Protection to be a trial and when they break out and are picked up by Diana, she tries to convince them that they’re plight can have a positive outcome.


When the three of them decide to see the city and meet a new friend, things start to look up for the trio, but the culture clashes might bring on more trouble than they need.

After the last story arc, it looks like G. Willow Wilson is going for a lighter tone with this smaller story. It is an entertaining side story, but there are few stakes and there isn’t much that would give readers a look into the plight of these creatures beyond the external issues they’re dealing with. I would have liked to have seen more of the circumstances that brought them from Themyscira to Earth. If the issue is going to focus on these three side characters and their struggle to find a place in the world, then the trauma of what took them from the world they knew would have been more compelling.

At its best, there are some really funny moments throughout the issue. Unfortunately, with the too brief appearances of Diana, the story of these creatures should have been developed more to make the reader care about their current plight.

Emanuela Lupacchino has some stunning and detailed art in this issue. I wish she was given more to work with story wise.


Wonder Woman #63




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