STL106583Infinite Dark #4

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Cady

Art by Andrea Mutti

Colors by K Michael Russell

Letters by Troy Peteri

Everyone is on edge as the darkness continues to grow around them and the issues crippling the station begin to mount.

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In order to save the last of humanity, the Director has ordered a drastic plan to be put into action. One that would separate the ring sections of the Orpheus away from the station in order to give them back control. It’s a plan that they have to tell everyone left on the station about and they gather all of the survivors in order to tell them all the truth.

At the same time, Deva finally confronts the monster that has been haunting the station and creating the chaos that she has been investigating. When the creature finally speaks, it tells her something that will challenge everything that she believes in including whether or not she and the others are just delaying the inevitable.

Cady brings the first part of this ambitious and moving science fiction story to a dramatic and satisfying finale. Using rising and dramatic tension, the story flows towards one type of conclusion and then takes a dramatic and provocative turn. A turn that is both satisfying and entertaining. Beyond the action, Ryan Cady writes some interesting philosophical moments into this issue. There are ideas embedded in the dialogue and story that engage the reader to ask bigger questions. Definitely a well done finale that opens the door to more interesting stories to come.

The art by Andrea Mutti is amazing. There are so many great panels throughout and the art does a great job of showcasing the dark, dire circumstances the characters find themselves in.

Infinite Dark #4




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