Wonder Woman #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Daniel Sampere

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Diana finds herself immersed in a mystery that leads to a dangerous and powerful new foe.

A bar fight between a lone Amazon and a group of drunk locals will leave several dead and the nation on edge as relations between the US and Themyscira become strained. With anti-Amazon sentiment growing, violence erupts when the nation decides to expel all Amazons and many women who have established lives and families fight back.

When a government agent named Steel is given a task force to either capture or kill Amazons still in the country, his sites are set on Diana who not only refuses to leave, but decides to fight back in her own way. Unfortunately, she is unaware of a powerful, hidden evil pulling the strings of power.

The Story: King is doing something beautifully subversive and intriguing with this new arc for Diana and the Amazons. The story has a deceptively dark tone to it and that tone brilliantly showcases the light that is Wonder Woman. I love that the story is filled with government conspiracies, dark cabals and a villain that feels more grounded and formidable. I’m excited about this story, its connections to Diana and how she’s going to have to go underground to solve its big mystery.

The Art: Sampere delivers fantastic art in the issue. I love the visual style of the issue and how big and visually engaging everything looks.

Wonder Woman #1



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