779078._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Wonder Twins #5

DC Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Stephen Byrne

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Polly Math has won the science fair for her innovative experiment, but the victory is bittersweet as she continues to deal with the fact that her father is a member of the League of Annoyance.

Jayna tries to assure her friend that she and Zan have a plan to bring down the League and get her father out from under. Unfortunately, her father finds himself being confronted by the Scrambler who has a plan to make a huge statement to the world. When the Wonder Twins lure the League into a trap, tragedy strikes for Polly, leading her to team up with a villain to get vengeance on everyone.


The Story: Mark Russell has been successful keeping the tone of the Wonder Twins stories light even when including social commentary. This issue was fun for the most part, but when that same social commentary was brought into this issue, Russell failed in cringe-worthy fashion. It wasn’t nearly as subtle or remotely as clever as Russell thinks it was and it was executed poorly. Those moments are a mis-fire in this issue and neither fun, funny or clever.

The Art: Stephen Byrne continues to deliver some impressive art and that’s about the best praise I could give this tone-deaf issue.


Wonder Twins #5




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