Lost in Space 


Season 1 Episode 6


As more secrets are revealed, more begin to form as Will learns a lesson about consequences in this episode.


The remaining colonists find out that the Robot has been living with the Robinson’s and John takes it upon himself to explain to them that the Robot has been reprogrammed to respond to and obey Will. This doesn’t sit well with many of the colonists, especially Angela. Angela witnessed the Robot’s attack on the Resolute and that her husband was killed by it. After debating with him, they decide to allow the Robot to remain, but Will must report its activities. John decides this is a moment to teach his young son about responsibility and he takes Will and the Robot to the top of a mountain to create a makeshift memorial to the 27 colonists killed in the attack. This is a great father/son moment and shows that John has more to offer as a moral leader rather than a scientist.


Speaking of science, Maureen finishes her experiment and has to decide if she should tell the other colonists that the planet is dying. Judy, Don and some of the other colonists travel to the location where Don crashed in Dr. Smith’s Jupiter. Since they didn’t land in an area where the eels are, that ship should still be full of fuel. Of course, Don doesn’t offer this information without a price. Something that comes back to haunt him when he is confronted by Judy. They find the ship and as it hangs over the edge of a cliff, Don decides to make a risky move inside to find evidence of who Smith really is.


Smith decides to use her skills as a psychologist to “counsel” Angela through her trauma, but instead decides to trigger the woman’s rage and anger, leaving the gun behind. She then goes to Maureen and tells her that she needs to spend more time with her family. What happens next causes Will to make a fatal decision regarding his new friend and gives Smith the opportunity to start the next phase of her plan.

There is a lot of tension in this episode and it works really well. There were no weak or wasted moments that I can think of other than Will’s decision at the end, but it needed to happen to move the story along. Other than that, this was a really strong episode.

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