771994._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Ethan Sacks

Art by Diogenes Neves

Inks by Adriano Di Benedetto

Colors by Federico Blee

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The legacy of genetic experimentation in the Marvel Universe will ensnare Logan and Steve Rogers in a mystery that reaches back to the super soldier program and beyond.


A mysterious ship crash lands in Brooklyn and Steve Rogers finds himself face to face with Logan and a group of mercenaries determined to take him down. As the two heroes fight to stop the seemingly unstoppable troops, Captain America discovers that one of them looks exactly like him. When a hologram of Fantomex appears, he drops the heroes into an investigation of the Weapon Plus program that created him.

As he tells the duo about the clues he’s uncovered, one of the scientists responsible takes the call to be the next Captain America literally and works tirelessly to make that dream come true by any means necessary. When Cap and Logan make their way to a secret base, they discover that the experiments that created them not only didn’t end, but have evolved in new and deadly directions.

The Story: Ethan Sacks starts this new story by dropping both the characters and the reader right into the action which works. There is an immediacy to the story and the action and it allows the writer to flesh out the elements in a new way. The past is illustrated by a third character and that character’s arc is a great contrast to everything the audience knows about the history of Logan and Captain America. I’m intrigued with this story and where it looks like it’s going next.

The Art: Diogenes Neves delivers some amazing and beautifully detailed art in this first issue. The action and the characters look great and there are some awesome action beats throughout.

Wolverine & Captain America Weapon Plus #1


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