771559._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Amazing Spider-Man #25

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer and Zeb Wells

Art by Ryan Ottley and Todd Nauck

The Rundown: Date night is going to get complicated as Peter and Mary Jane find themselves on separate adventures and other tales of the Webslinger are told in this 60 page issue.

In the first story, Peter is supposed to be meeting with MJ for a date night at the theater. When Peter contacts her that his mission to find and rescue Curt Connors is taking longer than he thought, she decides to hit the show with a friend. As Spider-Man fights his way through the defenses, he learns they’re not there for the reason he thinks.


At the same time, Mary Jane’s invitation to the theater from a former friend and acting rival brings up thoughts of her former career and what happened to it. When the female Electro decides to kidnap MJ’s former friend for a public ransom, Mary Jane Watson will have to utilize her acting talents to save the day.

The newest foe to menace Spider-Man makes his next move and it will place a dangerous Spidey foe in the path of Mary Jane. A familiar face makes a violent debut in the present. Jameson and Spider-Man make a truly strange discovery that’s going to require a Strange solution and a computer writes a Spider-Man story.

The Story: Spencer does a great job of wrapping up many of the storylines he started for characters like Lizard as well as the Hunted storyline. He uses this issue to branch off new stories and create a new dynamic for both Peter and Mary Jane. What makes it work is the hopeful resolution for both of them and the cloud that hangs over it due to the forces growing and aligning against them. Spencer evolves MJ in a way that makes her more interesting and the point of view choices between the two in this issue are great to read.

The Jameson/Spider-Man short is fun in how it resolves, but isn’t particularly exciting and the final short has some funny moments, but no real reason for being.

The Art: All of the art in the issue is great. Ryan Ottley’s and Todd Nauck’s art is amazing and the characters and action look great.

The Amazing Spider-Man #25


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