Wolverine #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Viktor Bogdanovic

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Dracula and his disciples begin the next part of their plan using Logan’s blood to sow destruction.


Trapped in ice by Omega Red, Wolverine is at the mercy of Dracula. After taking Logan’s blood and giving it to himself and his disciples, he leaves them to begin the next phase of his plans for the world.

When three vampire teenagers find and rescue Wolverine, they set out to stop the other vampires before they can destroy another small town. In the aftermath, Logan goes on the hunt for Omega Red, but gets sidetracked by something beyond his control.

The Story: A really enjoyable and action packed entry from Benjamin Percy. The story is great and Percy does a great job of not pushing the pace and not keeping Wolverine sidelined for too long. I like the fact that this adventure has nothing to do with Krakoa and focuses on Wolverine working alone to stop a threat he had a hand in creating. The story moves at a great pace and the action is awesome. There are some great character moments for Logan in this issue and the story is evolving in ways that keep me interested in what comes next.

The Art: Viktor Bogdanovich is pitch perfect with the art in this issue. From the detailed characters to the beautiful compositions, the art in this issue is filled with energy. Bogdanovich perfectly captures the dark, raw energy of the story and brings it forth in this issue.

Wolverine #5




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