Spy Island #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Chelsea Cain

Art by Lita Miternique and Elise McCall

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: A hidden island in the Bermuda Triangle is home to spies from all over the world.

Nora Freud is a spy and an assassin. After taking down a target, she finds herself on an island in the Bermuda Triangle filled with fellow spies. During a routine party, she runs into multiple colleagues and they discuss their lives and their work before she decides to break up the boredom with one of them.


In the morning, they gather at the local pier to see the new arrivals and Nora will be surprised when one of them has a personal connection to her.

The Story: The first issue is good. The characters are clever, interesting and fun. The plot and concept are interesting as well, but that’s about it. The characters don’t seem to have much going on beneath the surface and that makes it hard to get engaged in the story itself because you don’t really care about these people or whatever conflicts they have. The story sets up a lot of great concepts about the island, but its attitude about them prevents the reader from having any sense of wonder. It’s a good first issue, but nothing in the story has me clamoring to pick up the next one.

The Art: Elise McCall and Lita Miternique have some impressive and vibrant visuals throughout. I like the character designs and the atmosphere of the issue a lot. Hopefully the story matches the visuals as the series progresses.

Spy Island #1




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