Where Monsters Lie #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Kyle Starks

Art by Piotr Kowalski

Colors by Vladimir Popov

Letters by Joshua Reed

The Rundown: Linus fights to survive the Puzzleman while Hayes faces something dark closer to home.

Wilmhurst is on fire and the entire community is littered with the bodies of dead officers. While Hayes takes on Dawson, Linus finds himself in a trap set by the Puzzleman. A trap he will escape from but not without giving up something to do it. As the community continues to burn, two of its residents decide to indulge in their personal feud giving Hayes the opportunity to take them out and escape.

At the same time, Linus kills the Puzzleman and the entire community explodes. In the aftermath, Hayes returns home to his pregnant wife and finds that she has been keeping some secrets of her own. Secrets that will require a visit from Zel.

The Story: Starks creates a series of explosive moments throughout the issue. The action is fantastic and there is a great mixture of tension, terror and humor throughout the issue. The story takes some wild twists and turns throughout and leaves both characters in some weird and unexpected positions by the end.

The Art: Kowalski delivers some powerful and explosive are throughout the issue. The story contains some brutal imagery that perfectly captures the tone of the story.

Where Monsters Lie #4



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