Season 2 Episode 7

Les Ecorches

Ashley is starting to come to the realization that the team sent in to “rescue” them has its own agenda and covering up the project they’ve been working on means all of the survivors are expendable.

This becomes more apparent when Bernard and Ashley are taken to where Teresa was killed in season 1 and a gun is put to their heads by Charlotte. The tension gets interrupted after Bernard remembers what he did when a hidden door is discovered behind the wall and everyone enters. What they discover changes everything for Bernard.

Charlotte decides to interrogate Bernard about the events surrounding the host uprising. We finally get a glimpse of how these stories are starting to come together as the hosts entering the complex seems to be happening before Charlotte discovers Bernard’s secret. It’s a great narrative tool that really helps bridge the gap between these stories.

Bernard is still in the Cradle and we get the return of Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). He proceeds to explain to Bernard what the park is really there for. It is an amazing scene and encompasses everything that is amazing about this series.

Back in the park, Maeve’s story continues to play out and she ends up having another confrontation with William. This time it gets to play out differently than previous ones. It’s a pretty dramatic scene for both William and Maeve as they confront each other.

This episode is awesome. It creates some amazing drama and opens up the narrative for all of the characters, especially Bernard. There are so many dramatic moments that resonate and it looks like everything is going to get more interesting as the story progresses.

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