Web of Black Widow #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Jody Houser

Art by Stephen Mooney

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Natasha’s mission to right some of the wrongs of her past will pit her against another blast from it.


On a yacht in international waters, Natasha Romanoff has snuck on board to continue her mission to fix some of her past mistakes. As she makes her way on board, she blends in with the crowd as the hostess of the event gives interviews about the direction of her company.

When Nat finds her opportunity, she sneaks below decks only to find an old friend waiting for her and their complicated history brings them to blows when he tries to stand in the way of her mission. At the same time, someone with a familiar face is working behind the scenes to stop Black Widow from finishing her mission.

The Story: Filled with intrigue and surprises, Jody Houser lets this part of the story unfold without forcing anything in the plot. The complicated history of Black Widow continues to be an interesting read and both the reveals and the surprise cameo in this issue are handled perfectly. Even the subplot is handled in a way that enhances the main plot and adds a new obstacle for Natasha to overcome.

The Art: Stephen Mooney delivers some great art in this issue. There is a film noir quality to the panels that help to enhance the tone of the story.

Web of Black Widow #2




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