In his DC Slate Announcement, unveiled via his Twitter page on Tuesday, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has announced the return of Viola Davis to the DCU. She will reprise her role as the complicated head of the Suicide Squad in the upcoming series “Waller.”

Per Gunn, Amanda Waller will join forces with members of Team Peacemaker. He describes this project as “a fantastic story that’s out of this world.” The creative team will include Crystal Henry of “Watchmen” fame and Jeremy Carver, the creator of The Doom Patrol.

Fans of the character have been patiently awaiting news of this project since reports of Davis’s contract negotiations with DC broke in early 2022.

This series has a lot of potential and I am particularly excited about the writing team, especially the inclusion of Crystal Henry. Her work in the award-winning series Watchmen was phenomenal. Moreover, having a black, female voice as a leader in the writing room will allow for more diverse and authentic storytelling which I find especially important in a work that is titled and presumably primarily featuring a leading actor of the same sex and ethnicity.


I also feel that Carver’s experience in the long running, acclaimed show Doom Patrol will add extra layers of depth to the relationship aspects of Peacemaker and his crew. While no word has been released on the nature of the project, I am curious to whether this show will have a direct tie in to the Peacemaker series or if it will consist of a one-off standalone story.

James Gunn DC Slate Announcement

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