Valkyrie: Jane Foster #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing

Art by Cafu

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Jane Foster may have to give up her last connection to her lost friend if she wants to stop Bullseye from going on a murderous rampage.

Heimdall has been stabbed with Dragonfang and the all-seeing god lays dying at the feet of Jane Foster. With Bullseye not only in control of the blade, but the winged horse that comes with it, he is more than a match for Jane and her Asgardian powers.

As Jane attempts to retrieve the sword and stop the rampaging assassin, both Heimdall and the memory of her friend Brunnhilde try to teach the remaining Valkyrie a lesson about what she needs to give up in order to be victorious.

The Story: Jane Foster has always been an interesting and dynamic character. I continue to be relieved that Jason Aaron and Al Ewing have found a way to bring her back into the hero fold. This story not only showcases who she is as a hero, but also allows an insight into her emotions. Her connection to Brunnhilde is handled perfectly and that friendship and loyalty being the driving force behind her commitment to stop Bullseye is a great story device. What makes the story more dynamic and interesting is that with its huge stakes, it serves as a means of healing and growth for Jane as she moves forward. I absolutely loved the ending and the promise of more adventure to come.

The Art: Cafu does some brilliant work with the art in this issue. Everything looks amazing from the characters to the backgrounds.

valkryie jane foster #2




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