Illumination, the animation company behind hit films like Despicable Me and Minions is looking to expand their roster with a new animated feature.

According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter and Illumination and Universal are in final negotiations with Nintendo to produce an animated film based on the popular Mario Brothers video game franchise.


While the first attempt at bringing Mario and Luigi to the big screen in 1993 was a financial and critical failure, Illumination has a proven track record of hit films. The first Minions film took in over $1 billion dollars at the box office prompting a sequel currently in production. Last year’s Sing, another Illumination production, took in over $634 million dollars worldwide.


While Nintendo is wary of films based on their characters, the announcement earlier in the year of a Detective Pikachu film based on another Nintendo property might have softened the company’s stance, allowing a Mario Brothers film to happen.

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