Fox’s The Gifted is a unique take on the X-Men universe that works really well. Using subtle references and a few familiar characters, the world the series has created is one that fans are responding to.

One of the things that has intrigued me about the series is that the family at the center of the drama carries the last name Strucker. In Marvel Comics canon, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker is the head of HYDRA and in the comics he has three children, including twins Andrea and Andreas Strucker also known as Fenris.

While I am certain that neither HYDRA or Baron von Strucker will be mentioned in the series, Fenris is referenced in the episode when Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) goes to visit his father Otto (Raymond J. Berry). He tells him that his father and his sister had the same powers as Reed’s children. His advice is to protect them and protect the world from them. Could the Strucker twins be the ones referenced in the newspaper article regarding the mutant terrorist attack by twins?


It does look like Fox is tying the family to the larger Marvel Universe in that small way. Will we get to see the Strucker twins someday on the series? One can only hope.

Episode 8 of The Gifted will air on November 20th on Fox.

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