Undiscovered Country #9

Image Comics

Written by Charles Soule and Scott Snyder

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Leonardo Marcello Grassi

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by CRANK!

The Rundown: The team continues to explore Unity and learn more about what happened to the United States as more secrets are revealed.

David and Charlotte are confronted by virtual ghosts from their past as representations of their parents invite them into their home to learn more about why they had to leave the country. Charlotte is less than interested but goes because of the possibility of learning about a cure for the virus raging around the world. At the same time, Ace and Val go on a tour of the city with Ace given access to the tech that powers it.

As the delegates learn more about the history of the United States after it was sealed off from the rest of the world, David and Charlotte learn that there was another part of the message that was delivered to David. One specifically meant for Charlotte to hear. As the team dives deeper into the mystery of the country, the Destiny Man grows stronger and prepares to strike back.

The Story: Charles Soule and Scott Snyder continue to create a vast, interesting and impressively dense narrative for these characters. The plot is engaging and rich in both its symbolism and ideas. The mystery is engaging and I love where the story goes, especially how personal it is for its characters. The Destiny Man continues to be an interesting character as well and his motivations keep me engaged in the story and its outcome.

The Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Leonardo Marcello Grassi deliver some inspired visuals in this issue. The story is more character focused so there are great depictions of the characters themselves and the backgrounds are just as interesting.

Undiscovered Country #9



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