The Amazing Spider-Man #51

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Patrick Gleason

Colors by Edgar Delgado

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter seeks help from Doctor Strange in his fight against Kindred, but the villains seems to be one step ahead.

The possessed Cindy Moon crashes the Sanctum Sanctorum searching for Spider-Man and the resulting fight only ends when Kindred reveals himself and tells Peter to come to him if he wants to save his friends. Peter’s guilt and sense of responsibility continues to drive him and Strange tries to help, but there is something strange about the method that forces Strange to look for another solution.

Rejected, Spider-Man goes to his plan B, Black Cat. After stealing a totem from the Sanctum, Felicia gives it to Peter and Spider-Man enters a world connected to the Astral Plane to search for answers. Unfortunately, he will find that Kindred is already there and waiting for the wall crawler with a twisted reunion planned.

The Story: Nick Spencer does a great job of ramping up the stakes for Peter and his friends while also adding more drama and complications to the story caused by the character himself. There are some fun moments mixed in with the intensity and I really enjoyed the call back to another story line mentioned in this one. Stealing from Strange stretched the credibility of the story a bit, but it works ultimately by pushing Peter deeper into a mess he’s unprepared for.

The Art: Patrick Gleason delivers some great imagery in this issue. The fight between Silk, Spidey and Strange was visually impressive and the final moments when Spider-Man goes to confront Kindred are beautifully drawn.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51



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