Under York #2

Image Comics

Written by Sylvain Runberg

Art by Mirka Andolfo

Inks by Carmelo Zagaria

Colors by Pinky Hamilton

Letters by Fabio Amelia

The Rundown: Allison and her brother investigate their missing family as a demon prepares to take over the city.

Allison and her brother continue their investigation into their missing family as the demon who has possessed their little brother creates an army of ghouls to attack Under York. An attack that will showcase the power the siblings are able to unleash as they fight not to destroy the creatures, but to save the people possessed by them.

At the same time, the demon Marduk begins the next phase of his plan as he travels with Allison’s parents to the city in order to find out who will lead in the upcoming election and when he can possess that person. An election that seems to have some connection to Under York itself.  

The Story: Runberg crafts a fun and thrilling story in this follow up issue. There is some great action throughout the story and I continue to be impressed with the mystery being created within this series as well as the interpersonal and political conflicts being revealed within it. I really enjoy the dark tone of the story and the characters within it. I really look forward to the next part of this story and how it evolves.

The Art: Andolfo delivers some beautifully detailed and amazingly intricate art throughout the issue. The character designs are fantastic and the action is visually thrilling throughout.

Under York #2



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