736822._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Uncanny X-Men #11

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Salvador Larroca, John McCrea and Juanan Ramirez

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg and Mike Spicer

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Scott Summers has returned to a world where the people he cares about are missing and presumed dead. A world that still remembers his revolutionary acts before his death and a world where being a mutant is an automatic death sentence. Still, Scott has hope that he can find the missing X-Men.


Unfortunately, it’s a hope that is diminishing with every attempt to gather mutants to help him. He finds it hard to be hated and feared within a group that is hated and feared by the larger world. After revealing his return at a political rally, he appeals to all remaining mutants to meet him in order to stand together.

At the meeting point, he is surrounded by separate groups of mutant haters prepared to kill the last X-Man. Unfortunately for all of them, Cyclops will not go down easily and even worse, he’s not alone.

Logan has returned and he’s decided to keep an eye on his old friend. An eye that brings him to the attention of old friends and the new Cable. An eye that will lead him to making the decision to come out of the shadows and stand beside Cyclops.

In a bittersweet and somber tale, Ruth aka Blindfold can’t take the constantly shifting nature of her powers. Everything is changing and getting worse for her and mutants and after giving advice to both Cyclops and Wolverine, Ruth makes a tragic choice that no one was expecting.

Matthew Rosenberg has written both an entertaining and somber return for both Cyclops and Wolverine. What makes the story so appealing is that the consequences of Age of X-Man are being felt in a real way to the hidden survivors that are both known and unknown. The story of Blindfold is one of the most fascinating and tragic parts of this story and her journey is handled remarkably by Rosenberg.

Cyclops’ return is handled really well. It’s a great psychological journey that he’s being taken on as he finally returns from the dead only to find that the people he gave his life to protect are all gone and the world has gotten worse for mutants. It’s an existential crisis for Scott and it’s handled with care and reverence as well as showing what a badass character Scott Summers can be.

The Wolverine interlude is great as well. I think it was perfect to have him be confronted by both Black Widow and Winter Soldier as Nat talks to him about his resurrection. There are some incredibly clever connections made in this issue and they pay off brilliantly as the story progresses.

Salvador Larroca is the perfect choice for the art in this issue. Not only does the main story look amazing, but the dark, detailed art perfectly matches the tone of this story.

Uncanny X-Men #11




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