747321._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Prodigy #3

Image Comics

Written by Mark Millar

Art  by Rafael Albuquerque

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Pete Doherty

The adventure continues as Crane and Rachel travel the globe searching for artifacts that will aid them in their mission. From the mountains of Tibet to a hidden city beneath the Indian Ocean, Crane is uncovering the clues that will solve the mystery of the Brotherhood and their connection to the parallel Earth.


As the dangers increase from hired mercenaries to shark infested waters, Crane and Rachel forge ahead, but Crane’s constant risk-taking and thrill-seeking might end up getting them both killed.

Edison Crane is proving to be one of the most interesting and enigmatic characters in recent comics history. Mark Millar has imbued the character with so many dimensions that the reader is off-balance about how to feel about him from moment to moment. He’s a fascinating character and the complicated nature of his motivations only add to that motivation. Even with all of the positive things that he does throughout the issue, you still question whether they are done out of a sense of altruism or for Crane’s personal amusement.

It’s an intriguing character to master as a reader because you find yourself wondering if you’re watching the adventures of a hero or the methodical machinations of a subtle, subversive villain.

The story itself continues to be utterly fascinating with a pace that rivals the best action films. The high adventure and stakes Millar puts into this story are amazing and the moments where he subvert the reader’s expectations of what’s coming next are sublimely clever.

The grand scale and scope of this story is punctuated by Rafael Albuquerque’s extraordinary artwork. The issue looks amazingly detailed and is the perfect complement to this consistently fun and imaginative story.

Prodigy #3




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