Uncanny Avengers #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Emilio Laiso

Colors by Morry Hollowell

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Captain America brings his team out of the shadows and Monet goes after the Fenris twins.

The Unity Squad is training at their secret base when they get a distress call from Captain America. Rushing to the rescue, they find the Captain dealing with a different threat, an angry public being manipulated by Orchis.

After giving an impassioned speech to the hostile crowd and reminding them what it means to be an American, the team withdraws to complete their other missions. One mission will bring Monet and Quicksilver face to face with Fenris in hopes of finding Captain Krakoa and the nuke he stole.

The Story: A fun story with a lighter tone than the previous issues. Cap going public with his team was an interesting and bold move that put Orchis on its heels and I liked seeing it. The Cap moment was inspiring and led to an interesting conclusion. I really enjoy the Monet/Quicksilver mission and how it evolves their dynamic and relationship.

The Art: Laiso offers some great art in the issue. The visuals are beautifully detailed and capture the fun tone of many of the moments.

Uncanny Avengers #3



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