Image Comics

Written by Skottie Young

Art by Kyle Strahm

Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: Twig faces an old enemy and the truth of his quest is revealed.

Twig and his friends face off against the first threat the young adventurer faced on his quest to heal the Heart Stone. A threat that has them cornered until one of his friends makes the ultimate sacrifice to save them all. In the aftermath, Twig wants to quit, but is reminded about his duty and the importance of his quest.

When an unexpected return re-invigorates young Twig, he continues on his journey and reaches his destination. A destination that will require him to use everything he’s learned on his quest before the truth of it is finally revealed.

The Story: I absolutely love how Young brought this arc to a conclusion. Between the great dialogue and wonderful world of these characters, Young managed to keep one last surprise reveal to the end and make that reveal engaging and interesting to the reader. It puts so much of the story into a different perspective and made me go back and read the entire series with new eyes.

The Art: Strahm delivers a beautifully detailed and unique world for these characters and every page is filled with something new and visually engaging to feed the senses.




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