All Out Avengers #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Derek Landy

Art by Greg Land

Inks by Jay Leisten

Colors by Frank D’Armata

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take on an intergalactic threat to the planet led by one of their own. 

Earth is being invaded by the forces of Queen Arrok who is looking for something on Earth that will help her planet conquer the universe. Unfortunately, she has used the Dark Tide to take control of Carol Danvers and is using her to attack the rest of the Avengers. While Thor tries to stop Carol, Iron Man goes looking for the creature transforming the citizens of New York with the same dark energy.

At the same time, Captain America leads a small team onto the alien vessel looking for Arrok while Black Panther and Spider-Man attack the ship from the outside. As the Avengers work together to fight a dangerous foe and save the planet, one of them realizes that something about this entire battle feels wrong. 

The Story: Landy crafts an entertaining and engaging mystery in this first issue. The story starts with action and doesn’t let up while also planting the seeds of a bigger story within the narration. I found the mystery compelling, the characters engaging and the circumstances entertaining enough to make me want to see where this story goes next. 

The Art: Greg Land delivers some beautifully detailed and exciting art throughout the issue. The action is non-stop and visually compelling. 

All Out Avengers #1



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