Trinity #20

DC Comics

Written by James Robinson

Art by Jack Herbert with Tyler Kirkham

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb

Steve Trevor is on a mission in New Guinea when he is captured by Deimos. It appears the villain has set up a series of clues for him to follow that will draw out who he really wants; the Trinity.

The three of them spring into action, getting into specific positions around the globe by Batman, who needs them focused on the task at hand. He’s led the three of them to specific locations to retrieve data that an unknown company has been holding. Data that could lead to the location of the missing Steve Trevor. Batman expects the locations to be traps and he is not disappointed.


All three find themselves fighting sophisticated robot sentries which indicate that the company is more than what it seems. The three of them fight it out in an attempt to get the data that they need and when they follow the directions Batman leads them to, they find something that might be a bigger threat than they expected from someone they didn’t expect to turn on  them.

As the beginning of a new arc, this issue worked for the most part. There were a lot of moments that felt stiff narratively. I never got much sense of the relationship between these characters or what in that relationship made them a threat to Deimos. It felt a little too paint-by-numbers as far as storytelling which left the last panel utterly predictable. . That being said, it is well done and well paced with great art work that shows amazing details in both character and background. Other than that, I’m not finding a lot in this issue to justify it not being a Wonder Woman standalone arc.




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