The Silencer #3

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by John Romita Jr

Inks by Sandra Hope

The man known as Remedy has given The Silencer an opportunity to come back into the fold and go back to work as an assassin. A proposition that she violently declines as she drops a zone of silence, pops some grenades and gets to work killing the army of robots surrounding her.

As Remedy escapes, he receives a call from his benefactor who wants to know if Silencer is dead or on their team again. As he confirms that it should be done soon, the fight says otherwise as a wounded Silencer makes her way out of the room and into the store killing along the way. As she makes her way to a possible means of escape, she receives a call from Talia Al Ghul. A call that ends abruptly when the assassin tells Talia where she is and what she’s doing.


As she escapes the warehouse, the demands of her life come calling in the form of her needing to pick up her small child. Still visibly injured, she picks up the boy and takes him out for a treat. The whole time, she is haunted by potential threats everyone and decides she needs a more permanent solution to her current problem. When she receives another call from Talia, she finds that the desire for her death extends further than she thought and it brings out a familiar face as well.

I continue to enjoy how deep this story is starting to go and the introduction of new characters that are staples of the DC universe is handled in a logical and effective way that enhances the story while rooting the character in the world of DC Comics. It’s a rare feat to create a new character and have that character find a place in the pantheon of legendary characters, but The Silencer certainly has potential.

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