Torrent #3

Image Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Justin Greenwood

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Keith Wood

The Rundown: After revealing her secret identity to the cops, Michelle finds that justice is harder to attain.

Michelle sits in an interrogation room going over recent events in the hopes that revealing her identity to the police will get them to move against Skelton. Unfortunately, without the testimony of the hired gun sent to kill her husband and kidnap her son, there isn’t anything the legal system can do.

Michelle decides to find the killer herself and what she discovers taints her idea of the justice system in a way that sends her on a mission to get justice herself. A mission that will not only get Skelton’s attention, but that of her old hero colleagues.

The Story: Guggenheim takes the story to some even darker places than previous issues and all of it works. The action is thrilling and the drama is compelling. I enjoy the revenge elements of the plot, but there is humanity in the character and her struggles. She knows she’s crossed the line and what she has to lose because of it and that interpersonal conflict makes the story enjoyable and engaging.

The Art: Greenwood delivers some great action, visual thrills and a level of violence that brilliantly showcases the dark road Michelle is taking.

Torrent #3



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