Local Man #3

Image Comics

Written by Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley

Art by Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley

Colors by Brad Simpson and Felipe Sobreiro

The Rundown: Jack continues his investigation by paying a visit to a former foe.

After deciding to get justice for a former foe, Jack pays a visit to another one who has gotten out of the villain game and has published a book about her struggles. After learning more about Hodag and his struggles, Jack’s saving of a priest gets some unwanted attention from his former team.

In the second story, a war between heaven and hell puts Jack in the middle of a holy war. As the team fights to prevent destruction, Jack find himself getting closer to one of his teammates. A move that will hasten his downfall.

The Story: I continue to enjoy both sides of this story and how the events and characters grow and evolve within them. Fleecs does a great job of showing Jack and his world now while Seeley does a great job of showcasing the bombastic action of a superhero story. I continue to be engaged with the mystery in this series and look forward to seeing what’s next.

The Art: Fleecs and Seeley deliver great action and character moments in the visuals of this issue. I love the different art styles and how brilliantly they complement the tone of the story.

Local Man #3



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