Tony Stark: Iron Man #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Valerio Schiti

Colors by Edgar Delgado

Letters by Joe Caramagna

A new dating app is sweeping the nation and it has hooked the employees of Stark Unlimited. As everyone finds himself or herself with a perfect match, including Andy Bhang (much to the chagrin of Amanda). As Tony works on Jacosta, he has a visit from an old friend, Janet Van Dyne. He needs Janet’s help to compare Jacosta’s brain waves to hers, but the fact that she and Tony share a history is something that is not lost on Jacosta or anyone else.

As Tony and Janet decide to go get something to eat, Bethany continues to be suspicious of the amount of new people in the facility. All of the new couples seem strange to her and when Rhodey shows up with a blonde on his arm, she loses it. After increasing security checks, the jig is up and the real action begins. Action that will require a couple of Avengers to end their meal early and suit up.

If there is one thing that I can say about this series is that it is relentlessly fun. I really enjoy the character driven stories and lighthearted tone of this issue. Rather than making things heavy and dire, Slott has managed to put the focus on Tony as a person and the people around him. What also works is that Slott has made the supporting cast in this issue, and the series itself, worth getting to know. I find myself invested not only in Tony and Rhodey, but I want to know what’s going to happen between Amanda and Andy as well. All of the characters in this series have some interesting side stories and they add more depth to the series.

Valerio Schiti has some great art in this issue. I really enjoy the look of this series and it complements the story really well. There are some really fun and funny moments in the panels and a great Ferris Bueller visual gag that made me smile.

Tony stark iron man #4




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