What If? X-Men #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Bryan Edward Hill

Art by Neil Edwards and Giannis Milonogiannis

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Clayton Cowles

A brand new world with a brand new concept of what it means to be different. In this world, certain people in cyberspace have an “exe” gene that allows them to unlock hidden abilities within the virtual world. Abilities that others, known as “basics”, do not possess. In this world, those people are hated and feared and that hatred and fear prompts Charles Xavier to enlist the help of mercenaries Cable and Domino for a highly sensitive mission.

In order to protect the exe gene population of cyberspace from the basics who have created harsh penalties for being different, Charles needs Cable and Domino to find and rescue Erik in cyberspace. His influence and technology are the only things keeping the fragile peace between the two factions. When Domino traverses Erik’s tower to rescue him, she is confronted by the hunter Nimrod and an Erik who has his own agenda and plan for bringing peace to the cyberworld.

This is a really good, high concept what if story by Bryan Edward Hill. It takes the concept of the X-Men and manages to make a really interesting parallel between cyber-society and the real world. I really like the way this story is executed. It has both tension and humor along with some interesting and surprising character moments and choices. The end really surprised me and I found myself ok with something that I wouldn’t expect from a character in the regular continuity of books. A very interesting type of story that is done well.

The art is great in this issue as well. I really enjoyed the different artistic styles and how they contrast the real and the cyber world. The art does a great job of complementing the story and I found myself wanting to see where this story went next.

What if? X-Men #1




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