Tony Stark Iron Man #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Valerio Schiti

Colors by Edgar Delgado and Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Travis Lanham

In a non-descript home, a random employee of Stark Unlimited receives an incredibly cool looking VR headset in the shape of the Iron Man mask. Once she puts it on, she is greeted by the man himself and told that she will be participating in a beta test for a brand new piece of tech that Tony has designed for release to the general public and that test includes a contest to spot the other employees in the game, including Tony himself to win. The kicker, you get to explore this virtual world as Iron Man.

In the real world, Tony is presenting the idea to his employees and friends and Rhodey tells Tony that he knows the real reason why he created this technology. The group is confronted by Jacosta’s boyfriend, former villain Machine Man, who is not happy with what he considers the manipulation of sentient technology for the entertainment of humans. When he’s presented with the opportunity to affect the beta test by accessing it without permission, his plans to shut down the simulation go into effect and everyone must band together, including Tony, to stop him. Unfortunately, there’s another agenda at work behind the scenes manipulating events for its own ends.

Dan Slott has done a great job of bringing the fun back to both Iron Man and Tony Stark. There is a whimsy to Stark in this series and it is refreshing to witness. What’s more interesting is that there might be more under the surface that Slott has yet to reveal and the clues to that make the story more interesting and the mystery more compelling. Both Tony Stark and James Rhodes are experiencing something different since their resurrections and the consequences of those acts make for some intriguing storytelling.

The art is top notch and I loved the use of first person for so much of this issue. It really added an immersive element to the story that the tech is trying to convey. I thought it was a smart move on the part of the artist to frame so many of the panels that way. Great art.

Tony Stark Iron Man #3




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