Titans United #1

DC Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Jose Luis

Inks by Jonas Trindade

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

The Rundown: The Titans band together to stop an unexpected threat.

On a seemingly normal day, a man is walking through San Francisco when he suddenly develops the power to destroy a building. Not knowing how to control his new abilities, he panics when the Titans arrive. What is unusual about his powers is that they seemingly mimic the Titans own powers including his ability to change into animals. As the Titans fight to both save the civilians in the area and stop the man from causing more damage, Conner’s powers continue to glitch on him.

Conner’s glitch lands him in the infirmary in the aftermath of the attack and the team immediately begins to investigate who the man was and what happened to him. As internal strife causes a confrontation between Red Hood and Conner, the team is interrupted by a call from Hawk and Dove who need help taking on what should have been an easy villain to beat.

The Story: Scott crafts an interesting first issue filled with conflict and mystery. The plot doesn’t give anything away and maintains a level of intrigue that makes me curious to see what comes next. The interpersonal conflicts are engaging and the verbal sparring between Conner and Jason is something I want to see explored more. I like seeing that the Titans are facing something unknown and their interplay makes the story more compelling. Scott does a great job of hooking me with the first issue and I look forward to the next.

The Art: Jose Luis delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The characters and environments are dynamic and there is some great action throughout.

Titans United #1



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