Justice League Last Ride #5

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Miguel Mendonca

Colors by Enrica Angiolini

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: The events that shattered the League are revealed and an old threat looks to emerge from the shadows.

With multiple forces closing in on Apokalips in an attempt to capture or kill the imprisoned Lobo, the Justice League finds themselves split both figuratively and literally as they work to stop the invasion. Superman and Flash face off against Brainiac in the body of Hank Henshaw with an army of bounty hunters on their tail. Hal Jordan and Batman work to find a way to restart the planet’s defenses while also investigating a strange chamber that holds a dark secret. Diana and John Stewart take on Mongul in deep space and Lobo continues to chide them with the fact that they still don’t know the full story.

In the past, the aftermath of Manhunter’s sacrifice shatters the relationship between Superman and Batman as Wonder Woman reminds them that the war is still raging across the galaxy. Even with Darkseid’s forces being stopped, the man himself is exactly where he wants to be and that place is standing at the central battery on Oa.

The Story: Splitting the story into two parts to highlight the past and present action is a great narrative choice by Zdarsky. The plot continues to both surprise and intrigue me as it expands and adds more elements. Each elements works well and the tension between the characters continues to be something compelling. Darkseid’s presence on Oa is also interesting and I cannot wait to see how it plays into the next issue along with the discovery made by Batman and Hal Jordan.

The Art: Mendonca delivers some great action throughout the issue. There are awesome visual moments and a momentum to the imagery that keeps the reader visually engaged.

Justice League Last Ride #5



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